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Research Fields

Zhaohui Zhang

Laser Tera Herhz Technology

Qing Li

Intelligent Information Processing and Control

Xisheng Li

Advanced Sensors

Kaixiang Peng

Industrial Control Systems

Yixin Yin

Complex System Modeling and Control

Wei He

Intelligent System and Robot

Dongmei Fu

Bio-Inspired Computing and Intelligent Information Processing

Zhengguang Xu

Motion Modeling and Control

Xianzhong Chen

Microwave Technology and Applications

Zhichun Mu

Computer Vision and Machine Intelligence

Jinhui Lan

Target Detection and Recognition

Chaonan Tong

Production Process Intelligent Control

Weidong Yang

Advanced Strip Control and System Integration

Dawei Ding

Intelligent Control

Wendong Xiao

Wireless sensor Networks and Internet of Things