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USTB Application for 2019International Students

Undergraduate Program


Ⅰ.About USTB  

USTB is one of the universities selected into the “National 211 Project”,  the “985 Strength Discipline Innovation Platform” project and the“Double First-Class”university project.  More than 6000 international students from more then 150 countries have graduated USTB from 1954 to now on.

Ⅱ.Program Introduction

Students are required to complete the curriculum between 4-6 years , fulfill the designate credits. Successful graduates will receive a graduation certificate along with the bachelor’s degree , according to the regulation of the Degree Committee.

Ⅲ.Enrollment Specialties

Civil Engineering、Safety Engineering、Mining Engineering、Mineral Processing Engineering、Architectural Environment and Energy Application Engineering、Environmental Engineering※、Energy and Power Engineering、Metallurgical Engineering、Materials Science and Engineering※、Nano materials and Technology、Mechanical Engineering、Vehicle Engineering、Logistics Engineering、Industrial Design、Visual Communication Design、Measuring Technology and Instrument、Automation、Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology、Computer Science and Technology、Communications Engineering、Information Security、Internet of Things、Applied Physics、Mathematics and Applied Mathematics、Information and Computing Science、Applied Chemistry、Biotechnology、Information Management and Information Systems、Engineering Management、International Economics and Trade、International Economics and Trade(1+3 program)、Financial Engineering、Business Administration、Accounting、Administrative Management、Law Studies、Social Work、English、Japanese and German.

Note:Majors with ※ can be taught in English.

Ⅳ.Details of the scholarship

a. USTB Excellent Freshmen Scholarship:

Exempt from tuition fees and free accommodation on campus.

Monthly living allowance: 2500 RMB.

Provide with comprehensive medical insurance.

b. Beijing Government Scholarship


c. Beijing International Student “Belt &Road” Scholarship(English Taught Program)


Ⅴ.Application period

From March 1st to May 30th, 2019, please ensure that the material is mailed before the deadline. (application materials should be dated by postmark)

Ⅵ.Application Process

a. Fill in the《APPLICATION FOR FOREIGNERS WISHING TO STUDYING OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOOGY BEIJING》Register your details on http://onlineapply.ustb.edu.cn/  or download it on webpage http://isc.ustb.edu.cn/SaveAs?id=46.

b. Submit 600RMB application fee.Pay in the application system or Office 122

c. Print the application form and attach your photo, submit Application Materials to International Student Office 122 of USTB.

d. Take the entrance examination.Examination time will be announced by email.

Subjects: Chinese Language and Mathematics

Time:May,July or Septembercandidates choose one to take the examination.

Scope: http://isc.ustb.edu.cn/cn/template_fast.jsp?id=207


English program candidates don’t need to take the test.


e. If you want to apply for the scholarship, you have to fill in the《 APPLICATION FORM FOR SCHOLARSHIP(New Bachelor’s Degree Candidate)》.(you can download it on web-page http://isc.ustb.edu.cn/SaveAs?id=43.

f. International Student Center of USTB will publish admission list after the examination in 15 days and send the Admission Letter and JW202 form at the beginning of the July.

Ⅶ.Application Materials

All materials must be submitted in two copies, one notarized original and one copy.(Application materials or application fee will not be returned.)


b. Senior high school graduate diplomaoriginal documents or certified copies either in Chinese or English(Required)

c. Senior high school official transcriptsoriginal documents or certified copies either in Chinese or English(Required)

d. One photocopy of your valid passport passport type must be ordinary(Required)

e. Physical Examination(Required

f. A copy of your language test result: New HSK level above 4(Optional)

g. 《APPLICATION FORM FOR SCHOLARSHIP(New Bachelor’s Degree Candidate)》(Optional)

Note: Please hand in personally or sent them by post to International Students Office 122 of USTB .


The 122 office, International student center, University of Science and Technology Beijing, No.30, Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China. 100083 China

Tel: Shang Rui +86-10-62332037

Fax: +86-10-62337878

Email: admission@ustb.edu.cn