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School of Automation and Electrical Engineering

Since the 1950s, a group of  Industrial Electrification & Automation was formed which was the predecessor of the school. Representative members of the group were  Yikang Sun, Xuyan Tu, Datai Yu, Diqian Shu, Hongcai Liu, Shaochun Wang, etc. They foused on metallurgical processes, and have made excellent achivements in research & education. Then it gradually expanded to the research fields of knowledge automation for industrial process, intelligent robot, advanced detection technology, artificial intelligence, intelligent perception, information processing, etc. At present, School of Automation and Electrical Engineering has two first-level doctoral degree disciplines of Control Science and Engineering and Instrument Science and Technology. The Control Science and Engineering was awarded B+ in the fourth round of national discipline assessment. The Instrument Science and Technology ranked 24th in the Best Chinese Subjects Ranking conducted by Shanghai Ranking Consultancy in 2018. And the Artificial Intelligence Science and Engineering was selected into Beijing Top Discipline.


The school has a rigorous academic faculty, including two awardees of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, one awardee of the Ten Thousand Talent Program, one awardee of the National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars, two Outstanding Teachers of Beijing, one awardee of the Baosteel Excellent Teacher Award, one fellow of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence, and three New Century Excellent Talents in University.